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It All Started With A Bulldog

Dog Krazy is a specialty store for people who truly cherish their pets and have a shared desire for excellent service and products for their pets. Their goal is to provide a unique and wonderful experience to all of their clients on a daily basis. And to pet all the dogs, of course. They also offer free local delivery for orders of $35 or more within 30 miles of any of their locations. Dog Krazy has an in-store and online loyalty program for their customers.

The first location was established in August of 2006 when Nancy Guinn realized she wanted to spend every moment of her life with her Bulldog, Piglet. Piglet is the inspiration behind Dog Krazy and the love that Nancy has for her is the reason you can walk into any Dog Krazy location and know that everything you see, feel, and touch is only the best for your beloved pets. For 10 years they went to work together every single day educating their customers on the best products for their pets. Piglet passed away in 2016 but her memory will live on through Dog Krazy. Since Piglet’s passing, Dog Krazy has expanded to six locations throughout Virginia with their newest location in Short Pump Crossing.

Dog Krazy signed two new leases a week before the pandemic. Luckily, they added an online store very quickly and local delivery was able to pull them through a very tough time. Nancy’s husband did the build-out on their new Short Pump location himself and they were able to open at a time when they didn't know what the world would throw at them next. They feel so blessed with the most amazing people representing their store and their customers. They were there for the store owners at a very scary time for small businesses; their support pulled them through.

Every day is a new day of "what can happen next, and what will life throw at them." From having to change their hours, to protecting their employees and customers, to adding more safety measures to keep everyone healthy and safe, to trying to pay the bills and stay open, every day is a challenge. Dog Krazy has changed the way they do business, added more safety protocols, and pivoted their business to survive these challenging times.

“Shop small, shop local, shop Dog Krazy" is one of their taglines. They aren't a huge corporation, they are a small family-owned store. They've expanded over the years but their goal is for everyone to know who Piglet was and how she changed Nancy’s life. You are all urged to become a part of the Dog Krazy family. They want to know your dogs. If you can't shop in-store, order online - they deliver! For more information on Dog Krazy, visit their website at

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