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Women's Clothing Boutique Opens Its Fourth Location In Richmond

BitterSweet Boutique is a small woman owned clothing store, specializing in boho chic and trendy women's clothing and accessories. They currently have three locations in Virginia and are opening their 4th location in Richmond! They have been around since 2001 and look forward to continuing to grow in the future.

Being closed for many weeks has its negative effect on any business, but retail was definitely hit very hard. They were thankful to already have had an online website they were able to promote during this time. However, sales definitely took a big hit for that time period.

BitterSweet Boutique has had to make a quick shift with their business model, hours, and even merchandise they’re selling. They have focused more on loungewear, casual pieces, and more affordable styles with their products. In stores, they have increased their cleanliness routines as well as decreased their hours of operation. They really pushed out online sales and instagram more during this time and incorporated virtual shopping and try ons.

The biggest thing communities can do during difficult times like this is just to turn to small business. Whether it is this small business or another, there are so many things small businesses offer that the community may not even realize. Instead of supporting big companies and stores like amazon, BitterSweet Boutique thinks communities should first try to support their local businesses. In addition to that, even just interacting with social media, liking posts, sharing, etc, is so helpful and appreciated always. For more information about BitterSweet Boutique or to shop online, visit their website at

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