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Richmond Public Charity Continues Providing All Services On A Distance Basis

RVA Works is a public charity in the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing educational and financial services to help more people become business owners.

In March 2020, RVA Works stopped all in-person programming and began providing all services on a distance basis. This has included:

  • Virtual teams advancing 4 strategic initiatives.

  • Articles and a weekly meeting series on small business issues in the midst of the pandemic and social unrest, including local COVID rapid response, emergency funding, cash budgeting, and diversity and inclusion for startup communities.

  • A new cohort for their adult, evening education series to accelerate new business formation.

  • A distance-based approach to Alumni engagement, including virtual board meetings and meetings of the Alumni Forum.

They have leveraged the strength of their volunteer network and their program alumni to rapidly provide small business support services online. This has resulted in stronger local engagement from those for whom in-person attendance had been difficult, as well as those outside the region who are now better able to access their knowledge sharing and professional network.

RVA Works has been actively recruiting volunteer interns who are passionate about new business ownership aimed at helping reduce inequality. Entrepreneurship is one part of the solution for strengthening households and communities in need. They are seeking those interested in making contributions in the areas of:

- Prioritization of marketing channels, marketing strategy

- Videography, live streaming and editing

- Social media implementation

- Click advertising (PPC) and SEO

For more information about RVA Works, visit their website at

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