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Boutique Fitness Studio adds on-demand and live stream classes

Turn Cardio Jam Studio is a boutique fitness studio specializing in strength training, dance fitness and yoga. Their goal is to offer dance and strength classes to help you get great physical and mental results from the release of endorphins that make you feel happy, loved, supported and confident. They focus on movement and music in all of their classes whether it's Tabata or Turn Table, Bootcamp or Ballet because they want you to let that inner-child run wild.

Following COVID-19, they lost 60-80% of their revenue through the shut down of their studio; both from people ending memberships and from the loss of their outside rentals and drop-ins. When they were allowed to reopen classes, sizes remained small and they had instructors unable to teach because due to coronavirus they were now working strange schedules or longer hours from home. Needless to say - they are surviving mostly on loans and grants.

To stay afloat, Turn went virtual. They added on-demand videos and live streaming classes. They held outdoor classes at area establishments and modified their studio, getting rid of equipment to help allow for more open airflow. They established COVID-19 procedures to help their clients feel and stay safe. Those procedures include smaller class sizes, routine cleaning, increased spacing and contactless sales and check-in's.

They would love for anyone ready to get their fitness back in line to try them out - that goes for men and women. Walk in the door and take a class or, login to Zoom and take one in their virtual stream. You can also rent out their studio for a micro-event or for your own private lessons and classes. They need more of this to help ensure their future.

Turn is an amazing place to workout and meet a community of awesome people. From the atmosphere to the quality of their programs - It's just a studio unto itself. They’ve been open now for about five years so if you haven't tried them yet, now’s the time. To get more information on Turn, visit their website at


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