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Brandefy's Ultimate Beauty Resource App and Subscription Box

Brandefy helps beauty enthusiasts find affordable alternatives to cult-favorite products through their comparative reviews. They bring awareness to less expensive, but similarly performing skincare and makeup, commonly known in the beauty industry as ‘dupes’. The Brandefy app makes it easy to gather inspiration from affordable skincare routines, side-by-side ingredient lists, swatches, and reviews so you can decide whether or not you want to switch to save. By bringing transparency to consumers, Brandefy is the ultimate beauty resource.

COVID-19 uniquely impacted this start-up by highlighting the need for affordable makeup and skincare products that performed well. Consumers are constantly hearing messaging that expensive products are good products, however, during an economic crisis such as this one, consumers could no longer afford the high-end products they had been using for years. They were able to provide a resource allowing consumers to find affordable products they could trust.

Downloading the Brandefy app is a great way to support this start-up. It is currently available for iPhone users in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Feedback is always welcome to help them learn and grow. You can also follow them on Instagram @brandefy_ where you can sign up for the Bright Beauty Faves subscription box and check out their informative content.

Brandefy recently launched the Bright Beauty Faves subscription box. This was inspired by the fact that they are constantly asked for their product recommendations, so they translated this need into a customizable subscription box filled with their favorite affordable finds. Their selections consist of tried and true affordable alternatives, to deliver products with great ingredients lists that consumers can feel confident using.

Brandefy utilizes extensive comparative reviews conducted by everyone from makeup enthusiasts to dermatologists. Their review process is unique in that they include ingredient lists compared, swatch photos, rated attributes, and a written review. From there, their app users can comment on reviews and let others know if they had the same experience with the two products being reviewed. That review process then informs the products selected for the Bright Beauty Faves subscription box. Their box is the most curated and customizable box on the market; gone is the day where you receive products with shades that don’t work for you and products you will never use.

"Our community consists of budget-savvy consumers who appreciate quality ingredients over big-budget marketing campaigns. We were inspired by the brands who embrace inclusivity and affordability, and felt that the same elements could apply to BBF— products for all skin tones and types, that don’t break the bank.”

-Ryan Miller, Head of Partnerships, Brandefy

“I absolutely love that I don’t have to waste my time and money on products that aren’t worth the price. Now with Brandefy I can see whether I’m paying for the label or an actually great product.”

-App Store Review"

Brandefy is located in Richmond, Virginia. They have been experiencing quick growth, and expect to take on new hires within the next 12 months.

Brandefy’s founder, Meg Pryde, started in the consumer packaging industry in which she became aware of the fact that many generic products are produced in the same factory as the brand name products. These products contained the same ingredients, and the only difference was the labels placed on the packaging. The two products were then priced at different tiers simply due to the brand name. Brandefy took off in the beauty space as there is a huge need for transparency in the makeup and skincare categories.


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