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Branding + Marketing for College Graduates

When a client calls and says, "I know it's not what you typically offer, but you're really good at branding and marketing, and you know LinkedIn better than anyone. My God-Son is graduating in May and I need you to help him set up a professional LinkedIn profile to ensure he's set up for success to find a job once he graduates. Can you help?" Of course, who would say no to that, especially when your client asks so nicely?! 😊

Two weeks later, Natalie McNamara (CreativeMktGroup) and Kyle Webb (soon to be a Ferrum College graduate), met for a 90-minute marketing + branding strategy session at Gather Midlothian before Kyle headed back to school for final semester. First order of business - professional headshot. Impressively, Kyle came prepared with a pressed collared shirt and tie, as well as a laptop ready to tackle his new LinkedIn professional profile. We not only fully set-up a new LinkedIn profile, but we talked about how to utilize LinkedIn for job searching, the importance of persistency to recruiters and employers, and tips on assertively seeking job opportunities starting now and not after graduation.

Kyle Webb is an impressive young man that any employer would be lucky to have on their team. For more information about Kyle, visit his LinkedIn profile at Contact Kyle directly at

Kyle Webb states, "Nearing degree completion and seeking opportunities. Ambitious and creative with a strong interest in contributing to advancements in technical solutions. If you're looking for an energetic and analytical team player who thrives in team environments, I'm eager to tackle new challenges."


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