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Client Feature: Applied Research and Analysis Consulting, LLC (ARAC)


Jessica Parker-Zdinak Ph.D., founded ARAC in 2015, as an all-services research firm, specializing in quantitative and qualitative research; product and program evaluation; consumer research; and policy analysis and evaluation. Whether you are looking to answer more practical, business-specific questions, or you’re addressing rigorous, scientific objectives, Jessica’s firm, ARAC, can effectively design, execute, and analyze surveys and studies to fit these needs.



Jessica was referred to us by a mutual friend and client of CMG. Like many small businesses, ARAC had not yet articulated their business through a website. As with all clients and the value that we add to a website project, it wasn’t just about making a pretty website, but collaboratively figuring out the what, who, where, why, and how of the ARAC brand.



We immediately scheduled a discovery call to determine the appropriate deliverables to meet her immediate business needs. In this same meeting, we educated her on our process, experience, and agreed on an appropriate timeline of 3-4 weeks. Within the next few weeks, we conducted several collaborative strategy sessions at Gather Short Pump and after many white boards and brainstorming discussions, we had strategically articulated and developed the ARAC business through a new website.



Website Strategy + Design + Development / Google Analytics Set-Up / Strategic Marketing Planning



As someone who thinks creatively about research, it sure was hard for me to think creatively about how I wanted my company’s brand to appear to the public. After the first meeting with Natalie, I immediately “clicked” with her and felt like she heard me, understood me, and was going to deliver for me. And she did. She was able to create a brand and website that uniquely blends together my more “bubbly” and soft personality with the scientific professional that I am. As my business grows, I look forward to working with Natalie and her team on additional branding and marketing endeavors.”


Applied Research and Analysis Consulting, LLC



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