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Client Feature: Mixies Vintage

Mixies Vintage is the home of a vintage recipe blog filled with delightful insights on the origins of each recipe, how best to prepare each dish, and the twists that can be implemented to elevate each creation to an entirely new level. We were introduced to Elizabeth Madden, the home chef behind the blog, by our friend and specialty food partner at The Apple Cart Company in the Summer of 2020.



Issue: The creator of Mixies Vintage had hundreds of vintage cookbooks stashed away and it was time to start sharing those amazing recipes and cooking techniques beyond the scope of her friends and family. The client also took beautifully staged images of her finished dishes but had no way of displaying them to the public. She wanted to share the stories behind her family’s collection of modern and vintage cookbooks and how she enjoys putting her own spin, or “twist,” on each culinary creation. She thought it would be helpful to share reviews of cookbooks, as well. She wanted to encourage home cooks to expand their horizons by trying international dishes while also sharing where she shops for specific or hard-to-find ingredients. Developing a recipe blog was the natural next step, which required a brand identity, professional imagery, and a strategy that would grow followers and attract potential sponsors and advertisers for the future.

Solution: After a tour of the client’s kitchen and cookbook room, CMG took inspiration from the elements they found in the client’s home to collaboratively designed a logo, business card (with a recipe card feel), and social media icons. Product photography was then scheduled to capture the beautiful kitchen and wonderful dishes that were planned for feature in the initial launch of the blog. Shortly thereafter, the website wireframe was developed which led to the development of a new website and blog page. We worked collaboratively week after week until the branding elements and photography were fully developed and implemented, which included all of the deliverables below.

Impact: “Mixies Vintage is an homage to the women in my life who gave me a passion for food, and the ability to create beautiful recipes from any decade. The twist is my modernization of those recipes along with some that I create from the memories of my travels abroad. My cookbook room is a treasure of possibilities, and now I am sharing those gems with you.”

Deliverables: Brand Identity / Logo Design + Packaging / Brand Style Guide / Website Strategy + Design / Business Card Design + Printing / Headshot + Product Photography / Social Media Icons + Channels / Strategic Marketing Planning


Mixies Vintage



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