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Client Feature: Zsa Zsa Cosmetic Tattooing

Zsa Zsa is a natural born artist and creative. She initially started out with an online boutique selling and making clothes. Following that success, she got her license in cosmetic tattooing and needed help establishing her visual brand. Zsa Zsa was referred to CreativeMktGroup from a previous client, Jerod Jeffers, who also has business in the cosmetic and beauty industry.



Issue: Zsa Zsa came to CMG with the skills and certification that qualified her to practice her craft. As her business started to take off, she realized she wanted to present a buttoned-up, legitimate brand identity to replicate her professional work in the studio. With her creative background, she came to the design session open and ready to collaborate on her logo.

Solution: CMG held a short informational session to meet with Zsa Zsa. Within the next week the logo was designed in real time providing multiple versions for social media, print materials, and interior decorating.

Deliverables: Brand Identity / Brand Research / Logo Design + Packaging / Brand Style Guide / Business Card Design + Printing


Zsa Zsa Cosmetic Tattooing



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