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CMG Reads: Lynette Brinkerhoff + The Ten Day MBA, Steven Silbiger

Our Director of Operations + Administration, Lynette Brinkerhoff, has been reading The Ten-Day MBA by Steven Silbiger. This book is an international bestseller that is intended to help you master the skills taught at America's top-ten business schools without having to spend the time or money acquiring an MBA typically demands. Here's what Lynette had to say about this read:

"After reading this book for the past year, I'm still not close to an MBA! What I like about it is that it helps me identify all the things I need to know so that I can contact the experts in the field. I know enough to ask relevant questions so they can help us set up what we need for day to day operations of CMG. Thanks to our expert strategic partners that help us stay informed - EDGe Business Planning, Inspiring HR, SCORE, and Gavin Law Offices."

For more information on this book or if you would like to purchase it yourself, click here.


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