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CreativeMktGroup October Coffee + Connections feat. The Collaboratory of Virginia

Thank you to everyone who joined our October Coffee + Connections event, especially our speakers, Adrienne Wright and Andrew Pegalis, Co-founders of The Collaboratory of Virginia. In case you missed it, we have provided you with a brief recap and the video of our discussion. 

Bringing Back Coffee + Connections

It was a pleasure to bring back one of our favorite events, Coffee + Connections, and have the opportunity to interview such a dynamic duo in the Richmond nonprofit community. Although we would have loved to huddle together at Ellwood Thompsons like old times, we were still able to connect and network with fellow business professionals and entrepreneurs. We did so by spending about 15 minutes introducing ourselves and learning about each other before the interview with Adrienne and Andrew started.

For the interview of the event, we dove right into the life journeys of both Adrienne and Andrew individually, finding out what brought them to where they are today. We discussed how their unique dynamic has broadened their networks and opened many doors enabling the creation of The Collaboratory of Virginia

If you are unfamiliar with this organization, The Collaboratory of Virginia is a place where they provide an opportunity for collision and community for nonprofits. In this interview, we talk about the challenges, triumphs, and innovations that built The Collaboratory of Virginia. One of the innovations they touched on was their Thrive Acceleration Program that helped them and local nonprofits to not only survive but thrive through COVID-19. We heard about the dynamic between U-Turn and CVA, and how Adrienne and Andrew have incorporated their own networks to make something incredibly beneficial to the Richmond community. We ended with a collaborative Q & A between our guests and the speakers.

Our next Coffee + Connections will be on November 18th featuring Maggie Beal Longest, Executive Director of Downtown Ashland Association. Maggie will speak with us about "Leveraging Advocacy and Economics for the Benefit of Downtown Ashland". To register for this event, you can click here.


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