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Education Center Introduces Virtual + In-person Tutoring For Local Families

Since 2006, Tutoring Club has served the community by tutoring students from Kindergarten - 12th grade in subjects that range from beginning reading to calculus and ACT/SAT prep. They pride themselves on going the extra mile to serve the families in the community. Every student is unique, and therefore, they develop individualized programs to achieve the family's academic goals.

Though the Tutoring Club closed the centers on March 12th, 2020, they reopened via online tutoring on March 30th, 2020. Of course, in the beginning, many families paused tutoring all together with a wait-and-see attitude. By June 1st, they reopened for in-center tutoring again with their COVID-19 protocols in place. Both online and in-center slowly grew when families realized COVID-19 wasn't a short-term event and something they would have to adjust to. They had not previously had an online presence before the pandemic. The Tutoring Club corporate office developed its online program quickly to remain competitive and service their clients.

The Tutoring Club enjoys supporting its community partners. They sponsor many of our local school PTAs, as well as other civic and religious organizations. They attend events such as festivals, fairs, and STEAM events. There, the Tutoring club has the opportunity to meet families and discuss their programs. They have always found that was far more beneficial than any other advertising, so it was a win-win. To learn more about the Tutoring Club of Glen Allen and Midlothian, visit their website at


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