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Featuring SPARK Product Development for National Innovation Day

CreativeMktGroup celebrates "National Innovation Day" (February 16, 2022) by highlighting our long-time strategic partner, SPARK Product Development. It is because of their great company, highly intelligent team, and passion, they are the most capable resource for supporting innovators and innovations around the world.


SPARK and CreativeMktGroup have partnered together to support numerous clients to bring their inventions to life and allow their entrepreneurial dreams to come to life. SPARK supports product development and CreativeMktGroup supports branding and marketing.


SPARK is a function-focused product design firm based in Richmond, Virginia. They bring design expertise and a creative approach to partnerships with established companies, research institutions, and startups. They are passionate about bringing functional, beautiful products to the market across a variety of industries. Together they find elegant solutions, bringing viable ideas to life with design that balances form and function. Whether introducing new technology or streamlining existing processes, they believe in supporting clients with creativity, dialogue, and technical know-how.


According to, "Innovation Day is commemorated to recognize the role that new knowledge plays in making a country more advanced and powerful." For more information about the importance of this holiday, background, and fun facts, click here.


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