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Fitness Studios Offer On-Demand Virtual Classes

BOHO Studios is all things fitness and wellness. They are a group of fitness studios nestled in a couple of Richmond's most amazing neighborhoods. They offer indoor cycle, HIIT, personal training, yoga, nutrition coaching - and a lot of fun.

The pandemic has caused BOHO Studios to adjust their focus to better service their customers. Their business model is indoor group fitness. Their goal is to pack the studios to create the energetic group fitness vibe. However during COVID-19, they are not able to create this same vibe. They've had to shift the vibe to safety, then fitness and wellness. They are currently working at approximately 30% capacity.

They have jumped into the world of virtual fitness - with Live Stream and On Demand classes. They needed to provide a quick turn around to bring BOHO to people at home. They have rented out their spin bikes, taken classes outside, put together a prenatal fitness program for expectant Mom's and are always working on more ideas.

To their community they say, “Let's workout!” Depending on your comfort level, join them for a class in-studio, outside, or virtually. Say hi, work hard, and sweat it out. You can also purchase a gift card for a loved one and give the gift of sweat to a friend or family member. Or you can contact BOHO Studios and talk about food and health - this is a time where food is playing a bigger role in people’s lives - what is working or not working for you? They are here to help. For more information about BOHO Studios, visit their website at


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