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Happy 5 Year Anniversary to WORTHY


"When I started the business in January 2016, I thought, 'how hard could it be to start a business as a single parent?'"

About three months in, I realized that the unpredictability of client work, revenue, and cash flow, along with the incredibly busy schedule of being a parent, led to many aspects of my personal life being neglected or not well attended. At that moment, I knew I needed help and added a post to

Shortly thereafter, Veronika Montgomery Warren, among others, responded to my inquiry and we set up a call days later. Our initial phone call was genuine, honest, and forward-thinking - it was apparent we were wired the same and needed to be aligned. During this call, I asked Veronika how many hours she was looking to work and when she said ("40 hours a week"), I realized I had not set expectations appropriately on the ad. I responded with apologies for not being more clear and that if she could help me for 10 hours a week, then I would make introductions to other people to fill the remaining 20-30 hours a week that she wanted. Within1 month we had accomplished that goal!


Over the course of months and years, Veronika discovered an untapped business market - helping busy parents and small business owners. With that in mind, Veronika founded WORTHY, a company focused on helping small business owners and busy parents with support services, including house management and administrative aid. As soon as this decision was made, CreativeMktGroup and WORTHY sat at Natalie's kitchen island and designed/set-up a logo, business card, and mini-website. WORTHY was now officially public!

Fast forward five years, Veronika still helps me on a weekly basis with many aspects of my life. As I have mentioned to Veronika on a consistent basis, it is because of her love, passion, and dedicated support over the years, that I sleep a little more and spend more time with my kids. On February 15, 2022, Veronika left me this sweet notecard that prompted me to write this story. Congratulations, Veronika! You deserve so much praise for accomplishing so much as an entrepreneur.

For more information about WORTHY, visit their Facebook page at Contact Veronika directly at


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