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Investment Advisor Firm Remain Laser Focused Throughout The Pandemic

Patina Wealth is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor with offices in Charlottesville and Richmond. Being independent and fee-only ensures that their firm acts as a fiduciary for their clients, always putting client interests ahead of their own. They provide objective and customized investment advice to individuals and small businesses (401k plans, SIMPLE IRAs, etc.) across the state of Virginia and other jurisdictions where Patina Wealth is registered.

Like many other small businesses, COVID provided unique challenges to Patina. However, first and foremost, they remained laser-focused on providing uninterrupted service to their clients and prospects throughout the pandemic. The world economy and financial markets were volatile the past 12 months, so their job as investment advisors was to provide a semblance of calm to their clients. On a personal note, for owner John Mumper, working from home had particular challenges. However, it also allowed him to spend invaluable time with his two-year-old son.

As a growing small business, Patina thrives on the energy that only in-person interactions can produce. The pandemic forced Patina to almost exclusively pivot to virtual meetings. They actively utilized blog posts, videos, phone calls, and email updates to stay in front of their clients during this time. Although this allowed Patina to remain in constant contact with clients and prospects, they are eagerly awaiting the time in which sharing a cup of coffee or a beer replaces Zoom and phone calls.

Thankfully the primary markets they serve, Richmond and Charlottesville, are wonderful places to call home. Patina is always thankful for referrals, and they do their best to reciprocate by referring other small businesses in the area. They welcome any opportunity to network with friends and strangers alike. For more information about Patina Wealth, please visit their website at


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