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Jennie Wood Quoted in Richmond Times Dispatch

Being a single parent is hard, but being a single parent in the middle of a pandemic while having to juggle working and teaching from home is almost unheard of. Until now. These parents are being spread thin and the issues they are facing are just a few of many. One of our very own Strategists, Jennie Wood, was recently highlighted in a Richmond Times Dispatch article highlighting these problems, 'These are systemic problems': Working moms barely survived the past year. Here's why - and how things could get better in the year ahead.

“When you have a kindergartner in school, you’re up every five minutes, explaining something. Having them back in school gave me the ability to work five hours uninterrupted, and that made all the difference” - Jennie Wood

To read more about the struggles single-parent female homes are facing right now, head to the full article here.


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