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Local Coffee Roaster Creates Eco-friendly Coffee Pods

Guide Roasting Company is a local, woman-owned coffee roaster in Midlothian, VA. They offer coffee by the bag to their retail customers, as well as support for wholesale customers in their shops or restaurants. Their customers started to request coffee in convenient coffee pods which began their search for a good solution that did not contribute to the single-use plastics problem often caused by regular coffee pods. They had a hard time finding a solution that provided a quality cup with no plastic that didn't sacrifice convenience until they connected with a company in Europe developing a new technology that met all of their needs. This is how GreenPod Coffee Packing was born. Guide Roasting Co. is the first in the US with this technology, and they want to share it with other small roasters like themselves. The new coffee pods offer their roasts in the GreenPod, a fully compostable, ZERO plastic pod that works in all the Keurig style home brewers. They will also offer coffee packing service for other specialty roasters so they too can provide an eco-friendly option to their customers that both tastes great and is good to the Earth. Guide Roasting Co. is in the process of opening a tasting room in the front of their roasting/packing facility in Midlothian.

COVID-19 has caused several changes in their business, largely with their wholesale accounts. Many businesses using Guide Roasting Co. coffee in their restaurants and shops were forced to close for some time due to COVID-19; though many are now reopening in different ways, this still means less coffee being made in restaurants. They saw a bit of a surge in retail sales because people are drinking more coffee in their homes. However, the launch of GreenPod was delayed by COVID-19 since their pod packing machine is being built in Europe. They had planned to use this time to meet with local coffee roasters to share their plans for the compostable pod packing but those in-person meetings are largely delayed. With all of these ups and downs, they are thankful things have started to move along now.

They've made a few adjustments to meet the ever-changing needs of their accounts and customers. Guide Roasting Co. now offers contactless delivery and even free delivery to short distances around their shop. They provide outdoor tasting tables that are socially distanced and limit touched surfaces. They've adjusted to the individual needs of their wholesale accounts, such as offering bagged coffee to a local non-profit that planned to open as a brick and mortar coffee shop supporting differently-abled people but has now delayed opening due to COVID. The innovation from small business leaders during this time is inspiring to Guide Roasting Co. and they want to support these businesses in any way they can. They've seen a greater need for convenient single-serve coffee due to people working at home and they hope to meet that demand with GreenPod so that consumers can have the convenience they need without contributing to single-use plastic waste.

Guide Roasting Co. really appreciates how their local community has reached out to support their small businesses. The community can continue to help them in many different ways. You can start by supporting their local Midlothian partners who sell their coffee, including The Art Factory, The Desserterie, and Thrive Coffee. You can also show your support by visiting them at local outdoor markets. Later this month, you can visit their tasting room to try coffee and purchase bags or pods to bring home. They are extremely thankful to those that follow them on social media and spread their mission through commenting, sharing, and telling friends about their locally roasted coffee. Guide Roasting Co. is also passionate about helping the specialty coffee industry as a whole since many are suffering due to COVID-19. Their goal is to help other small coffee businesses bring a sustainable, eco-friendly option to fill the home brewing needs of customers so everyone can benefit from this technology.

Everyone can help by letting their favorite coffee roaster know about Guide Roasting Co. and GreenPod, and that they have an option for them that everyone can get behind during and after COVID-19. For more information on Guide Roasting Co., visit their website at For more information on GreenPod Coffee Packing, visit their website at


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