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Local College Students Create Platform To Help Students Find Remote Internships

Co-founders, Rider Tuff (left) and Eric Gonzalez (right)

Leva is a platform that connects students seeking remote internships throughout the academic year with growing startups. Their mission is to connect entrepreneurial-minded people with entrepreneurs so they can elevate each others' businesses, careers, and educations.

The co-founders of Leva, Eric Gonzalez and Rider Tuff, have always been involved with the entrepreneurial community. They started Leva when COVID-19 hit to help their fellow students find internships, but also to create a tighter bond between students and the entrepreneurial community. Schools often have great pipelines to consulting, banking, and accounting, but leave students with few options to explore working in a small, fast-growing organization.

COVID-19 helped show the viability of remote internships, opening a whole new world of opportunities for students. Whereas internships used to be constrained to a physical location, working remotely now allows students to explore companies from around the world. Leva wanted to give students and these growing companies the available resources to find each other. 

With Eric and Rider being students themselves, they know what types of experiences are most valuable for developing key skills. As a result, they can vet companies well and coach organizations on creating impactful internship programs. Leva projects 5 full-time employees, $100,000 in revenue, and a base in New York City in the future.

Leva has grown its platform significantly with word of mouth referrals. If anyone within this community is looking for an intern or knows a founder that is, direct them towards Leva and they can get onboarded. For more information on Leva, visit their website at


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