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Local Fashionista Turns Personal Styling Services Side-Hustle Into A Business

Under Chic Stripes, owner Sydney Bass provides one-on-one, done with you personal styling services for women and a do-at-your-pace style course that teaches women how to do this process themselves.

Through both programs, Sydney helps women create sustainable and timeless core wardrobes - think capsule wardrobes but not as restrictive or boring. She believes in creating a base (core) wardrobe of classic pieces that consistently work for you and that you can amp up through well-chosen and loved accessories. She abhors trends and will even encourage an H&M find when it's purchased with intention. She's a "less is more" kind of stylist.

In 2018, Sydney launched a coaching consulting business for other personal stylists trying to figure out the whole "how to have a business" thing. She developed an online course and coaching consultancy where stylists learn how to create their signature service and create a profitable business, which she is very active in today.

Sydney's story starts back in 2009 when she decided to start a fashion blog, which started as a "hot mess." Eventually, she found her niche as a second-hand style blogger (think: thrift stores and consignment boutiques) and would share photos of these outfits. She didn't even know personal styling was a legit business until 2014, when she attended training on how to be a stylist. From there, though, Sydney was hooked and started styling friends and a few strangers from the internet! She vividly remembers her first closet clean-out where she charged $25/hr and felt thrilled to get that check. The side hustle turned into a business when her full-time day job let her go. She knew finding a desk job was not for her - so she figured she would do her side-hustle work full-time! Thanks to an incredible amount of support, coaching, and encouragement from the Richmond community, Sydney DID make working for herself work.

COVID-19 had minimal effect on Chic Stripes. The business (both styling and coaching) has had online options since 2017. Sydney has always loved the connectedness of virtual work and finds it amazing what can be done over a laptop!

The best way the community can support Chic Stripes is through referrals. Reach out to Sydney if you or someone you know is interested in her service, or even to grab a cup of coffee! She truly loves connecting with and being a part of the RVA entrepreneur ecosystem. For more information about Chic Stripes, please visit her website at


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