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Local Joint Is Grateful To Continue Thriving Amid COVID-19

Four Brothers Bistro and Grill is a family-owned business that serves fresh 7oz patty burgers, authentic Philly cheesesteaks, subs, and pita wraps. Their business is built on fresh ingredients, a welcoming atmosphere, and fast service.

After having their one location in the West End for 15 years, they saw the growth and potential of the city of Richmond and its surrounding colleges. They thought that, by expanding their locations, they could please a broader audience in the downtown area. They were right and have been in business for five years now at their Richmond location.

When COVID-19 hit, it changed the way they ran their entire business. Four Brothers' 3rd party ordering system picked up while their dine-in halted. The Four Brothers family had to come together like never before and they, unfortunately, had to close their West End location after it encountered too many unforeseen circumstances from the pandemic that it could not overcome. However, their downtown location is still thriving, and their Four Brothers food truck is available to everyone. Owner, Nadar Hagez, is truly grateful Four Brothers employees continue to help this business succeed through this challenging time for many small businesses.

The Richmond community can help Four Brothers continue to thrive by spreading the news that their downtown location is still open and operating. They encourage you to order on their 3rd party delivery platforms and dine-in if you feel comfortable. For more information about Four Brothers, to order online, or to inquire about their food truck, please visit their website at


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