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Local Startup Introduces Holistic Wellness Services To Richmond

Pure Essence Medical Spa offers wellness and holistic services, such as intravenous vitamin therapy. A registered nurse under the supervision of a board-certified physician provides each service.

Owner, Dariel Harris, is a native of Richmond, Virginia. After spending years as a travel nurse working in cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas, she noticed these cities had so many spaces where you can receive holistic wellness services, such as iv vitamin therapy. After sharing with friends and family her personal experience with iv vitamin therapy, they too wanted the experience. However, there wasn’t a local place that offered it. Dariel saw that there was a huge demand for safe and effective holistic wellness services. After all, who does not want to live a good life?

The perk of this type of service is their treatments will help maintain your wellness by individualizing each treatment to meet specific needs.

In response to COVID-19, funding has been the hardest for Pure Essence Med Spa. As a new start-up, loans have not been favorable. They plan on expanding so that beauty, as well as wellness, can finally meet. One of their goals is to offer services: such as laser hair removal, yoni steaming, and ionic foot detox. They plan to continue to provide mobile services, and as the clientele picks up, they plan on hiring more nurses to meet the demand.

With this service not being well-known, they could use the support from their community and continued exposure for the public to gain more familiarity. FOr more information about Pure Essence Medical Spa, visit their website at

Location: 3316 West Cary Street Richmond, Virginia 23221. They also offer mobile services in the Richmond area.


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