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Minimalist Footwear Startup Creates Sneakers With Optimal Body Movement

Kinis is a minimalist footwear startup based in RVA who design and create innovative footwear to help people move naturally. This leads to a reduction in foot injury and improvement in overall body mechanics.

The company was founded due to foot injuries of Founder Vincent Vu. Prior to moving to the US, he spent six years in a refugee camp in Southeast Asia where he would play soccer barefoot with friends. This caused him to have strong feet. After over 20 years of living in the US, wearing shoes, his feet have become fragile and weak. In order to restore and regain feet strength the natural way, Vincent started Kinis with a mission of building a movement to help people move naturally.

Due to gyms being closed in response to the virus, Kinis are experiencing a major drop in sales.

Their main focus is educating the public on proper body mechanics and how their footwear is designed to optimize the body's natural movement. This is a contrast from major footwear brands where the focus is on fashion and trend.

In the upcoming year, Kinis is projecting $1 million in revenue. To get more exposure in the community, they would love to participate in-person workshops at company wellness events. This will allow them to talk about the science behind the benefits of body mechanics.

For more information on Kinis, please visit their website at

Location: 1717 East Cary Street Richmond VA 23223


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