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Neighborhood Gem Opens Mid-Pandemic

Bistro 804 is a small local restaurant in the West End next to Tuckahoe Elementary, family-owned and operated. They serve Greek and American cuisine, with great specials offered daily.

They opened up on April 18th this year as a take-out only restaurant through delivery services. Then once the government lessened restrictions slightly, they transitioned into offering outdoor dining. As time passed, they continued to follow COVID-19 guidelines and eventually allow for dine-in. Closing was never an option for them during this time, so they found ways to make it work. It was a slow process, but all well worth the wait to serve their customers.

Amid the pandemic, curbside pickup has been their most beneficial offering to their neighbors as they have felt safest getting dinner in their warm cars. During this challenging time for everyone, they have also made a huge effort to give back; Bistro 804 donated meals to nurses, hospitals, and other communities in need.

The best way the community can support Bistro 804 is by ordering take-out online, calling in for take-out, or dining in! They offer a great happy hour from 11-7. For more information, visit their website at


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