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Local Organization Provides A Community For Women to Gain Hope, Resources & Career Pathway Solutions

PurposeBound Women Logo

PurposeBound Women seeks to partner with organizations to enroll participants into a 5-Week Online Program, BYOB - Build Your Own Blueprint.

Upon completion of the course, they offer women the opportunity to apply for their scholarships:

  • The "I See 'Ya Scholarship" is a $500 tuition scholarship award given annually to an outstanding PurposeBound woman accepted into or is already attending an institution of higher learning in Virginia.

  • The "Walk In Her Shoes Scholarship" is a $200 Shopping Spree at Dress For Success Central Virginia that's awarded annually to PurposeBound Women who are entering the workforce. They want the PurposeBound Woman to walk into her new job with the perfect wardrobe.

PurposeBound also provides continued support to the women who complete their program through coaching and an opportunity to share through a social enterprise, to market their business products.

Overnight, LaWanda Woods-Howard became a single mom, no roadmap, visitor's guide, or GPS provided. She knew she had to find a way to take care of her children and also to survive. She started to journal to keep her sanity. One day, she allowed a friend to read her journal, which transformed into that friend, inspiring her to publish it! Imprisoned For Preparations was published a year later.

She began to promote her book at book signings, meeting some incredible women. She found that these women related to everything they read in the book, back to cover, and would begin to cry upon meeting LaWanda. She found herself ministering to these women, right there on the spot. She knew she was onto something!

PurposeBound Women was founded to help ALL women in pain. After realizing that her market needed to be segmented out, she focused her attention on women living in housing communities. She remembered how much she struggled as a single mom without the support and a master's degree.

She went from making $150,000 annually to making nothing. Being laid off was one of the most challenging transitions she's ever faced. She had to humble herself and quickly learned to accept help from friends and family. She took everything she experienced to become the Chief Possibility Officer at PurposeBound.

PurposeBound Women was designed to become a community that women need as they navigate through, and eventually out of, difficult times. Today, PurposeBound provides women with the tools that she would have needed during trying times like, resources, educational tools, events, and a community. With courses like BYOB (Build Your Own Blueprint) and other creative methodologies, they partner with women to build a bridge that helps them thrive in both the workforce and in life by destroying old mindsets so they can grow.

How you can support the PurposeBound Women efforts is through donations and sponsorships. Their goal is to offer their signature programs to 100 women living in housing communities every quarter. They believe that helping women shift from their fixed mindset into a growth mindset is the ultimate weapon against gentrification and generational failures. Another way to support their efforts is by offering volunteering services that would benefit their online presence and automation funnels.

To learn more about PurposeBound Women, visit their website at,


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