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Richmond Accounting Business Creates A Training And Support System to Aid Small Businesses

Steiner Business Solutions provides accounting and advisory services to the small business community. Their core services include tax preparation, tax planning, fractional (part-time) CFO and Controller services, QuickBooks training, CEO peer group, and general business consulting.

At the end of last year, they made a conscious effort to shift their focus to higher-value clients through their CFO services. By “higher-value clients”, they are referring to businesses that are typically more established and not surviving month-to-month. The bookkeeping is already solid and performed internally, so Steiner Business Solutions’ focus is on strategy and high-level operational processes. This has allowed them to work with fewer clients and therefore lower their overhead costs significantly. They still work with businesses that need help understanding and performing their bookkeeping, but they don't provide those services directly.

Steiner Business Solutions knew small businesses would struggle during the pandemic, and many would decide to do the bookkeeping work themselves instead of spending the money to outsource it to a professional service provider. This would only create problems for small business owners, so they developed an affordable QB training service and a monthly bookkeeping support program to help those DIY owners. This will ensure the integrity of these small business owners' books and take some of the stress out of this task. Their monthly CEO Peer Group also went virtual in response to COVID-19 instead of meeting in person.

The community can help Steiner Business solutions by stressing to business owners the importance of getting help with their books and accounting systems. Many small business owners go "cheap" with this part of their business and don't place a high enough value on its importance. This company has made it affordable to get help, there's no excuse not to get it. Good decision making is critical during these challenging times, and making those decisions based on bad financial information is dangerous and can put people out of business. For more information on Steiner Business Solutions, please visit their website at


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