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Richmond Startup Creates A Virtualized College Athletic Recruiting Platform

SEQL is a startup best described as LinkedIn meets Zillow for college athletic recruiting. The name, SEQL, stands for “Sports Equality” and they offer a platform that allows high school students a chance to connect with college recruiters with equality across all sports and all levels. It also facilitates that connection throughout the recruitment process and into the athlete's future career.

Through SEQL, athletes can be in charge of their own brand, not only in the recruitment stage but throughout their careers. They are a completely athlete-focused company that generates revenue from college athletic programs versus charging the athletes themselves (as their competitors do).

Hopefully, in the near future SEQL will have their own office in Manchester, and potentially a second office in California generating substantial revenue with a team of more than 15 full-time employees. 

The best way to support SEQL is to spread the word. Their platform is free for athletes looking to play at the next level across all sports. If you or someone you know is interested, or you would just like more information on this business, visit their website at

Location: Richmond, VA


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