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Richmond Startup Is Making Masks "Foxy"

Beginning in September 2020, next-door neighbors in RVA's Foxhall neighborhood, Lauren and Erica, started channeling their creative pandemic energy into creating beautiful and useful mask chains for many friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and students. Since September, they've distributed over 300, including via a pop-up shop at their kids' preschool where they gifted mask chains to ALL the well-deserving teachers and staff. They also gifted mask chains to several teachers at Nuckols Farm Elementary (Lauren's son's school) and donated almost 50 chains to teachers at Tuckahoe Middle School, where Erica teaches.

Everyone they gave one to loved them, wanted another, and motivated them to begin selling them. After much encouragement, they created an Etsy shop called Two Foxes Design in mid-November. Here, they offer assorted styles of handcrafted unique mask chains, including beaded, paperclip chain, acrylic, and paracord styles. In January, they began to diversify their offerings with gorgeous, customized bracelets.

Since next-door neighbors Lauren and Erica share a fence, Two Foxes Design was born on Lauren's deck. They would spend hours outside creating their mask chains while their kids ran around the yard. They've since moved production to Lauren's dining room. Since no formal entertaining is happening right now at Lauren's 12-seater dining table due to COVID-19, it provided the perfect fulfillment location. Also, both Lauren and Erica have been working from home at their "real" jobs - Lauren works in fundraising and Erica is a middle school Spanish teacher.

In just four months, they’ve had almost 450 sales on Etsy, 75 five-star reviews, and many repeat customers - many from local RVA! This excludes the more than 100 they’ve sold outside of Etsy. Everyone who wears one of their mask chains tells them they didn’t know they needed it until now! Their tagline is: Wear a mask. Make it foxy 🦊!

Two Foxes Design was born out of the Covid-19 crisis so they anticipate their biggest challenge to be pivoting Two Foxes once the pandemic is over and masks or mask chains are no longer a necessity.

Their product quality combined with their design style separates them from any competitors. Their strong growth, positive reviews, and repeat customers are proof of their unique product. Additionally, Two Foxes mask chains fulfill a need that no one ever anticipated needing! They've designed the majority of their mask chains to be easily worn as a beautiful necklace post-pandemic.

Over the next year, Two Foxes projects that their products will be available in several local shops and boutiques in the Richmond area. They're very committed to shopping local and supporting local business owners (particularly women owners!). Also, they would love to collaborate with some other local artists/business owners. Once it's safe to do so, they know they will find continued success through pop-up shops and in-person events to increase exposure.

Two Foxes Design has been very fortunate to have loyal support and followers. The community can continue to help promote their products through social media, telling their friends, wearing their products, etc. Once it's safe to do so, they would love to have in-person events to further engage with the community. For more information or to visit their etsy shop, visit

Also, enjoy 15% off of their Etsy shop using the code: TWOFOXESCMG


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