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River Road Living Feature - The Brinkerhoff Family

We are excited to showcase that our Director of Administration + Community Relations, Lynette Brinkerhoff, and her family were recently featured in River Road Living. Their article, Seeing the World, One Microorganism at a Time, highlights how the couple met, their amazing travels as a family, and their plans for the future. They have traveled around the world in the name of science. Lynette's husband, Jory, recently took the family on one of their most notable research missions to Japan. In 2018, the entire family moved to Japan and fully immersed themselves in the culture while Jory focused his energy on a particular type of bacteria that carries diseases in animals and humans. River Road Living did a fantastic job of highlighting the evolutions of the Brinkerhoff family and how it got them to where they are today. We’ve attached the full article below for you to enjoy!


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