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Simple Syrup Company Partners With Local Distilleries To Make Cocktail Kits

Sorva Syrups are all-natural, flavor-infused simple syrups that add a unique twist to cocktails, coffee, tea, water, and homemade sodas. Their syrups have only four simple ingredients and nothing artificial, so you can feel good about what you are drinking. They have seven delicious flavors to try that are all easy to use, and are perfect gifts for home baristas and mixologists. They are a woman-owned, small family business that started in their home kitchen in 2014 and have loved spreading a little bit of joy to their wonderful customers.

During a "normal" year, they would participate in Farmers Markets and larger direct-to-customer selling shows almost every weekend throughout Virginia and the northeastern US. Because of COVID-19, almost all of these opportunities have been canceled. Even with the shows that have reopened, it is difficult for Sorva Syrups to market their products because they cannot provide samples directly to their potential customers. Overall, this has caused a shift from retail sales directly to customers, which has gone to nearly zero, to their business operating almost entirely off of online orders and supplying their syrups wholesale to stores.

They have been very fortunate and grateful to form partnerships with other small businesses to grow sales in this new COVID-19 environment. For example, they started working this spring with distilleries including Cirrus Vodka and Virago Spirits to build cocktail kits with their syrups. These kits provide super-easy ways for customers to order kits online or for curbside pickup and be able to make easy and delicious cocktails at home.

Sorva Syrups have also used this year to focus inward on improving their business and expanding their marketing to reach more customers remotely. They have been working with Barb Upchurch at the Apple Cart Company to redesign their website and to build their brand awareness through focused marketing campaigns, which are tasks they had less time for in previous years.

The Richmond community, and really all of Virginia, continues to be awesome with their support of small businesses and gourmet food companies like Sorva Syrups. They would ask the community, especially during this upcoming holiday season, to remember that there are many small Virginia companies like them that offer truly unique items that make great gifts. Many of them have online ordering available so check out Sorva Syrups online and the vendors that stock their products - most of them are small businesses also. To shop local Sorva Syrup, visit their website at


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