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Success Is Vision + Timing

CreativeMktGroup was proud to work with the owner of Eventive Thinking, Kristy Geiger, three months into the global pandemic we're still facing today. She knew her clients and prospects needed support, but their needs had shifted and changed drastically, calling for her to make similar changes to adapt to their evolving needs. Eventive Thinking is a one-stop consultancy assisting clients with generating ideas and then building the strategy needed to deliver the message or experience. They serve all organization types – corporate, association, higher education, small business, and non-profit.

Kristy Geiger created this business to merge her love of event strategy with the needs of her growing family. As a new mom, her goal was to be a constant in her son's life while also staying relevant in the hospitality industry that she adored. After eight years in business, she needed to refocus its offerings due to the pandemic. They didn't build a new business from scratch but made calculated shifts to adapt to the current needs of their target audience. They redirected their skills, and learned new ones, while seeking help from a few partners and colleagues to help clients be successful in a very different event planning and project landscape.

In response to COVID-19, Eventive Thinking had to do a complete reimagining of services from an event strategy focus to one of project management and organizational strategy. Eventive Thinking put in the work, resulting in a brand, messaging and client offering refresh better targeted to the needs of today. The community can support this business by continuing to keep them in mind as a resource as new projects come into focus for 2021 and beyond relating to events (virtual, hybrid, or live), project management, or organizational strategy.

If you're feeling lost without a clear path forward for your business or team, collaborate with Eventive Thinking to identify the gaps that need filling. They'll then develop the solutions that will carry you into the New Year. This playbook might include strategies, campaigns, or business plans you never thought possible. It's time to rethink everything! For more information on Eventive Thinking, visit their website at


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