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This Local "Dog Treat Dealer" Thinks Your Dog Deserves The Best

S&J Canine Co. is a locally-owned small business that specializes in making a variety of all-natural dog treats.

Owner Jarrett Wansley initially started a pet sitting company back in 2016 when he was in-between jobs and didn't want to do the typical retail or customer service work. Most of his clients at the time were instructing him to give their dog treats during the visits. From that request, he decided to start making the dog treats himself. Once Jarrett got the recipes down, he started giving/selling them to his clients. He was met with such a positive response that he decided to turn it into a business.

Once COVID-19 hit, a lot of S&J Canine Co.’s most profitable events halted. Their main revenue came from farmers' markets and pop-up events, but when those were put on hold, they weren't able to sell like normal. They are potentially starting back up again with the markets soon but are taking lots of precautions before they do so. Two places they can be found currently are Ellwood Thompson's and Little House Green Grocery.

S&J Canine Co. treats are a healthier alternative to your big box brand treats. They make their treats with no added artificial preservatives, colors, chemicals, or any other weird stuff you can’t pronounce. Their big goal for 2021 is to get into Whole Foods. If they can do that, S&J Canine Co. predicts rapid growth and will need to quickly ramp up production.

The community can support this small business by first and foremost, shopping with them. Whether it be grabbing something on their website or from the select stores they are in, sales are crucial to their success. Second, they need people to spread the word and let all their friends and family know that S&J Canine Co. exists. Whether you post on social media or do it by word of mouth, they want to grow recognition in the pet treat world! Third, if there is a store you shop at regularly and you want their treats to be there, recommend it to the store's manager! The store won't know what you want unless you tell them. Donations are also welcome to help this business grow. If you want to learn more about S&J Canine Co., please visit their website at


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