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This Vehicle Wrap Shop Can Bring Your Vision To Life

Hawkeye Graphics is a vehicle graphics and decal company specializing in vehicle wraps, fleet vehicle branding, decal printing, banners, and some signage.

The owner of Hawkeye Graphics, Hayden Townsend, had a father in the business of building race cars and had done it for over 30 years. Hayden was expected to follow that path, and though he enjoyed it, he preferred designing the schemes that you see on the cars. Fast forward a few years... his father's shop had closed, and Hayden was working a job locating utilities. He was let go from this job due to lay-offs after three years working there and had nothing to do. So with $500 to rent a space, order some extra material, and the blessing of his wife, he started doing race car decals and small decal jobs for supplemental income. The company slowly grew. Hayden was rehired at his utility job while he worked both jobs for two years. Finally, he was at a point where he had two weeks' worth of decals work lined up, and although it sounds crazy now, he decided THAT was the moment to jump into doing decals and vehicle graphics full-time. It was a stretch at first, there were a lot of late nights and weekends, but they started to grow into doing more and more commercial graphics, eventually leading to commercial vehicle wraps, wall wraps, and more. Now, they have a full staff with designated designers, installers, production, and print team. The Townsends are the full-time owners working to grow the business while ensuring their customers get the same top-notch service that grew the company for the last ten years.

However, COVID-19 affected Hawkeye Graphics greatly. Corrine Townsend, Hayden's wife, was hospitalized for ten weeks with COVID-19 (3 weeks on the ventilator) over the summer. Following that, they had to close for two weeks. When they opened back up, they had a tremendous outpour of support. It took a while to get their schedule filled up the way it was, but they got back to the solid ground without much of a setback. They feel extremely blessed for that, but more so that Corrine is back and almost back to full health. She sits in the office daily and is a huge inspiration for everyone in the shop.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 and Corrine being back with the business, they take many precautions to keep foot traffic in their shop to a bare minimum. It's not ideal for business, but they need to ensure none of them or their customers experience the effects of COVID-19.

There are numerous print shops in the area, and about half of them do vehicle wraps, with just a portion of those shops do wraps regularly. Hawkeye Graphics differs because they do hundreds of vehicle wraps per year as well as other jobs. They have the expertise to advise clients on what material will work best for their project which includes colors, images, and more. Hawkeye Graphics enjoys speaking with their clients about their projects, vision, and overall goals for their clients' business. These discussions help them identify what colors to use, which images will attract attention, and the customer base they would like to obtain. Their customer service and one-on-one relationships with their clients allow them to retain and attract new customers through referrals.

Hawkeye Graphics feels so fortunate for their successes to this point and their ability to grow. They have recently added to their installation staff, which has helped them obtain larger projects and complete them promptly. They have also started focusing on their strengths and moving the company forward based on those services. When current clients and potential prospects inquire about a service that Hawkeye Graphics does not provide, then they can refer them to another shop with whom they work closely. They have created a great network of installers and other print shops to ensure they can always provide a solution for anything a client comes in with.

The community can support this business is by reaching out if you have any graphic or decal needs. They provide a lot of graphic services, especially for businesses large and small. They love helping businesses grow but also enjoy designing graphics for people's cars. Hawkeye Graphics may not be the cheapest, but they provide competitive work and have a great portfolio of past jobs. If you are in the Richmond area and on the road for 10 minutes, you will see a wrap or lettering job on a vehicle that Hawkeye Graphics designed, printed, and installed. They take so much pride in that and, they will take a lot of pride in your project as well. For more information on this business, please visit their website at


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