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Welcome Mixies Vintage

Written by CMG News Contributor, Barb Upchurch

We caught up with food blogger, Elizabeth Madden, to discuss her unique vintage recipes with a twist.  

“My inspiration for Mixies Vintage arises from a room in my house which we converted into a cookbook library of well over 3,500 books from different parts of the world as well as different decades, spanning over several hundred years. It has been exciting as well as humbling to find secrets within these books. There are so many folded pieces of paper with handwritten recipes by cooks of yesteryear. It is these treasures that I am most excited to bring to life and share with you after I have not only cooked the dish but added my own personal twist.” 

Elizabeth’s blog features both vintage recipes and her own creations she grew up cooking with her mom. Many are influenced by her childhood, having grown up in the Middle East and Europe. Her mother taught her that chefs are artists, and cooking food is a passion.  

“I remember spending my afternoons watching my mom read cover to cover her Gourmet magazines. When she found a recipe she liked, she would cut it out and tape it into her homemade recipe book. I watched as she made the most amazing jelly rolls and the fluffiest doughnuts. On the weekends, I would spend time cooking with my grandmother, who made the most amazing hummus and grape leaves. Both women made food to be shared with family.”

Elizabeth opened an Antique Mall and began collecting cookbooks. Eventually, she merged her collection with her mother’s, and all are housed in her home library, which is lovingly called the "cookbook room." 

“Mixies Vintage is an homage to the women in my life who gave me a passion for food and the ability to create beautiful recipes from any decade. The twist is my modernization of those recipes along with some that I create from the memories of my travels abroad. My cookbook room is a treasure of possibilities, and now I am sharing those gems with you.”

Subscribe to Mixies Vintage Blog to learn more about her gorgeous recipes! The new logo, photography, website and social media channels for Mixies Vintage were expertly created by CreativeMktGroup and its strategic partner, By Jacqui Photography


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