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Why You Should Invest In South Texas Wastewater Project on InfraShares

InfraShares is a crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest in innovative infrastructure projects and companies, regardless of wealth or social status, and gives people access to investments that align with their values and create long term impact through the development of water/wastewater, transportation, energy, and telecommunications projects.

InfraShares was co-founded by Brian Ross in 2017 after noticing the need for a funding portal focused on Smart City infrastructure. Brian is passionate about helping to develop critical infrastructure projects by providing broad-based direct investment opportunities to the general public.

COVID-19 has highlighted many, once (nearly) invisible, issues for InfraShares. Inequality in communities. Lack of healthcare capacity. The negative effects of isolation. While these issues are now widely discussed, there is one issue that has remained obvious for years: the United States needs to invest in critical infrastructure systems.

Before COVID, the United States was well behind developed countries in terms of infrastructure investment. Annually, the U.S. spends around $450 billion on infrastructure, only 2.3% of U.S. GDP, far below the 5% of European countries’ GDPs. The U.S. needs over $2 trillion of infrastructure investment by 2030, just to keep pace with the country’s economic activity. Even as that economic activity has slowed down with COVID, it has not erased the need for investment. As key federal infrastructure legislation expires this fall, there is an increasing need for Congress and the White House to stimulate infrastructure investment. This is not only needed to repair and maintain critical infrastructure assets strained by COVID conditions, but also to provide jobs for thousands of Americas.

InfraShares is excited to announce that the Reg CF offering for the Skillicorn Technologies Los Fresnos Project is now live and open to ALL investors!

The built environment is a critical foundation for much of our economic activity and social life. It’s no longer just about fixing the current problems but future-proofing the nation's communities to withstand uncertainties. InfraShares wants to empower the changemakers that are trying to solve these problems by connecting them with investors. For more information about InfraShares, please visit their website at


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