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Yoga Studio Offers Online, In-person, And Private Classes During Pandemic

Spiritual Flow Yoga is a small yoga studio in Midlothian. They offer quality yoga in a serene, bright, and open room. All their teachers are certified with Yoga Alliance and are teaching alignment and mindful yoga. Their goal is to keep their students safe and allow them to grow in their practice in mind, body, and spirit.

COVID -19 has had an enormous impact on their studio. Spiritual Flow Yoga lost 70% of its students. Even though they offered online classes from the very beginning, a lot of their students prefer in-person classes. Right now, they are partly opening the studio for some students to return to their space while teaching on Zoom at the same time.

Following COVID-19, Spiritual Flow Yoga immediately went online with all of their classes. Now they continue to do both in-studio teaching and virtual classes. They also offer private yoga sessions that are popular amongst students, as this feels safer for many during this time.

The best way you can support this business is by coming back to the studio or joining online. Community support and participation are what will help them continue offering their quality yoga. For more information about Spiritual Flow Yoga, please visit their website at


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